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Steven Farram, "Jacobus Arnoldus Hazaart and the British interregnum in Netherlands Timor, Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 163-4 (2007. Lt William Bligh navigated the overcrowded 23 foot (7 m) open launch on an epic 41-day voyage first to Tofua and then to the West Timor city of Kupang equipped only with a sextant and a pocket watch no charts or compass. After a series of Dutch defeats in 1655, 16, large refugee groups from the VOC allies Sonbai and Amabi settled in the vicinity of Kupang in 1658 and formed small kingdoms on land that traditionally belonged to the Helong. Sv De skickade in en liten kupong till tidningen. Nevertheless, some of this influence contracted after 1761 due to incompetence and inaction on the part of the colonial administration. The political strongman in the early 19th century was Jacobus Arnoldus Hazaart who governed Dutch Timor as Resident in 1810-12, 181432 and handled matters without much interference from the colonial government in Batavia. Hermann Fiedler, Die Insel Timor (Friedrichssegen 1929. Japan, East Timor, United States, and Thailand is four fish export destinations.

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